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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 31, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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from what is potentially a very large tornado on the ground. we have also got word that at the oklahoma city airport, asking for evacuations for anyone in that zone. again this large tornado that has been spotted, making a beeline right toward the downtown area, this heavy rain is going to tonight next 30 to possibly 45 minutes with this supercell thunderstorm. also real quickly for the giants fans in st. louis, we knee a lot of those die-hard fans head that way to the away games, reports of tornadoes off to the west of st. louis that could be impacting the game tonight, which is set to begin in about 15 minutes. so, we are going to be tracking all this for you coming up in the full forecast. >> dangerous weather across the country. back to our local weather, jeff has talked about for the last several weeks this fire season around the bay area has come early and more intense. for many of us across the region, we are in or near a fire zone. nbc's george care yamma takes a closer look at what you can do to protect your home and family.
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>> reporter: the same high winds that whipped this flag can easily push flames across several acres in just minutes. add in tender dry grasses and the danger is even greater. >> we anticipate that we will have larger fires, multiday fires that occur throughout california and our prep railings for that -- preparation for that is bringing in resource early so we are in conditions and staffing conditions similar to what we would have in july and august. >> reporter: in alameda and santa clara county, fire season was declared a month early, the first day of may now an additional 90 firefighters were set to respond. they responded to a fire in los altos. the humidity and winds contributed to the a busy season. >> fires are started by humans and usually mechanized equipments is one of the major parts of that the other is controlled burns. >> reporter: why there is now a burn ban throughout most of the bay area. cindy nelson lives at the base
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of the foothills in morgan hill so concerned about the fire danger, she recently replace herd shake roof. >> i usually all have concerns, i have a little less since i have a new roof. with the shake roof i used to worry, especially if people were lighting fireworks, even though you are not supposed to. >> reporter: she cleared the weeds in her yard. it is a great move, so is creating an evacuation plan for the family. so far this year, we have seen a 60% increase in the number of fires compared to the average the last several year years. in morning hill, george care yamma. take a look at some of the video from a short while ago. the u.s. fire service says the wind is blowing flames south and into area it is burned allowing 600 firefighters to continue carving out a perimeter while a dozen aircraft dump water and retardant on this blaze. the fire is off i-5 near santa
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clarita, just before the grapevine if you are leaving l.a. 15% contained that the hour. new at 5:00, a san francisco police officer is protesting what he calls racially motivated mistreatment at the hands of other police officers, officer lorenzo adamson was arrested last night after the being stopped for a traffic violation. a 15-year veteran of the force, adamson says he was profiled and roughed up because he was african-american. immediately, this off-duty veteran officer was asked, are you on parole? that was a violation of the procedure of this department. the first thing he should have done was to ask him for his driver's license, registration, insurance. >> san francisco police say they are investigating this incident. this is not what they are used to but something has to be done. san jose is in the midst of its most violent week of the year,
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four separate killings. so, what's the plan? swarm the streets this weekend with dozens of extra officers. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us from police headquarters with more. how expensive will this for the city of san jose? >> reporter: tallying up the numbers now, raj. police are gearing up for the busy weekend here. it starts tonight. police say expect to see more uniformed police officers hitting the streets, looking for the bad guys as they try to solve those four murders in less than a week. >> sometimes on a picture, it looks a little bit cleaner. >> reporter: homicide detectives were back at the scene of san jose's murder number 19. 20-year-old justin watkins was gunned down on this sidewalk, apparently an innocent man walking home from work. >> i don't feel safe anymore. i feel like i should start packing a gun, dude. this is arizona, we'd all be able to have a loaded pistol right here. >> reporter: that is the frustration from folks on hayes
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avenue. >> the neighborhood is starting to take this more seriously, more people are coming to the neighborhood watch meetings and neighborhood association meetings. >> gang-related violent crime is a concern to us. >> reporter: for homicide, since sunday, the latest one on thursday morning as 19-year-old was gun downed near santee elementary as he was waiting for his ride to work. so the police department is unleashing the troops this weekend. >> have 40 more officers friday, saturday, sunday, not only in the form of special operations and specially trained gang he officers but patrol officers working overtime and gang suppression detail. >> reporter: swarm will target the city's gang areas. no doubt be around hayes avenue, where the detective goes through the neighborhood, looking for clues can lead his team to justin's killers. that hayes avenue area was the scene of another shooting this one on thursday morning, early thursday morning.
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no one was injure you had on that police officers tell me more and more innocent by standers are being targeted. live at police headquarters in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. the delays not over yet and the ride home a slow one for thousands of bay area commuters. all a ripple effect after an early-morning accident in the transbay tube between two b.a.r.t. maintenance vehicles. 25,000 riders skipped using the trains after hearing about the crash and many mopped their cars. now they are fighting traffic across the bay bridge. nbc bay area's stephanie trang has the latest on the b.a.r.t. problems. >> reporter: civic center b.a.r.t. station, one of four stations heavily impacted by the delays that lasted five thundershowers morning. they had to shutdown one of the tracks in the transbay tube which connects san francisco here to the east bay. now people headed on to b.a.r.t., facing a few minutes in delays. people opted for other
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transportation and others decided to take the day off all together. >> i rely on b.a.r.t. every day. >> reporter: not today for this man of richmond. >> i don't drive across the bridge, the same reason. the bridge is worse than b.a.r.t. i rely on b.a.r.t. heavily to get to work every single day. >> reporter: one of an estimated 25,000 regular b.a.r.t. riders who avoided the trains today after hour-long delays plagued the morning commute. only eight trains running each hour between the transbay tube instead of 23. delays caused by an accident between two maintenance vehicles just after 2:30 this morning a modified truck, like the orange one pictured here was sitting near the tube when a welding vehicle, roughly the size of a freight train car apparently lost control heading down a drill hill and crashed into it. those two vehicles dragged for a while. that's what caused the damage to the third rail that we needed to repair. >> reporter: third rail carries 1,000 volts of current powering the train. nearly 400 feet of the electrical rail was damaged along with 38 insulatorinsulato b.a.r.t. crews only repaired a
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third of them but the temporary fix allows the trains to run through, albeit slower, 25 miles an hour instead of 65. ac transit provided more bus service at the 20th street terminal in downtown oakland while others took the ferry instead. >> i went down to the b.a.r.t. station and there was really -- there was only one track running and it was running in the other direction. so i thought i'd better take the ferry. >> reporter: for dodd, missing  day of work means missing a day's wage. >> hey, i come into the city with my kids and enjoy the day anyway. i hope my boss is not too mad at me. >> reporter: a temporary fix in place right now, but crews are expected to start on a permanent repair of the tracks after midnight. a b.a.r.t. spokesman says the agency is confident all the work will be done by the time commuters are hoping to get the train tomorrow morning at 6:00. live in san francisco, stephanie trang, nbc bay area news. >> a sluggish commute home at this hour. the fight over california's high-speed rail project again arrived in a courtroom today. two central valley farmers and
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the kings county board of supervisors are now asking a sacramento superior court judge to stop construction of the rail line. they argued the project has run so far off track, it needs to be scrapped entirely. they also claim the projected $68 billion price tag violates the voter-approved bond measure that's helping to finance it. they want that bond measure invalidated. construction on the rail line, which would ultimately run between san francisco and l.a., under three hours, is set to begin this summer. pg&e is facingçoi another lawsuit tonight. this time, from a man who says he was fired for refusing to mislead regulators in the aftermath of the san bruno pipeline explosion. christopher servais told the contra costa times he was hired by pg&e in february of 2011 to help the company fix its geographic information system. that system keeps track of the company's more than 6,000 miles of pipeline. in 2010, federal investigator its found the system to be incomplete and inaccurate. survey says pg&e used
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informationvid he provided abou needed fixes to the system to justify rate hikes without the intention of overhauling the system at all he was fired in late 2011. pg&e claims survey was one of 200 people laid off because of reorganization and says the lawsuit has numerous inaccuracies. it's the latest high-profile restaurant fire, chez spencer, a popular french restaurant in san francisco caught fire today. the fire started around 1:30 this morning. thankfully, no one was hurt but did take about an hour for firefighters to put out the flames. the firefighters told dust looked like there could be nearly $2 million worth of damage. chez spencer, located in the inner mission, first opened in 2002. the restaurant is famous for its wood-burning oven this én! comes after another fire back in march at the famed chez panise in berkeley, which remains shut down. still ahead at 5:00, many were watching the skies today because of this. what made this flyby so rare.
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two well known bay area companies teaming up to change the way you shop for a house. and a grant situation surprise. a special visit for one graduating class of 2013. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. fire danger, record-setting heat. live look at the sky camera network shows clear skies. talk more about the fire danger. right now, tracking on the doppler radar a very large tornado on the ground headed toward southern oklahoma city, possibly moore, oklahoma. if you know anyone headed to the st. louis game with the giants tonight, also severe weather off to the west that will likely impact this game tonight. we will have more coming up. [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water...
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we are following some breaking news now from san francisco. this is video just into our newsroom from our nbc chopper over the scene. this is along the embarcadero, where crews have just pulled a woman out of the water.
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this happened just after 4:30, so about 45 minutes ago, at pier 43. this is right near the red and white fleet. so there are a lot of people, tourists specifically, watching all this. in fact, you can see a pretty large crowd, our helicopter pulls out, watching all this unfold. not clear of the condition of this victim. once again this is breaking news along pier 43 in san francisco, a woman has just now been pulled out of there water. we also have developing news in texas a fire at a hotel in houston has killed the least four firefighters and injured five more. the fire began around noon in a nearby restaurant and spread to the hotel, called the southwest inn. flames shot through the hotel's roof, which then collapsed and is believed ton the cause of death of those firefighters. the hotel sits along a heavily traveled expressway that had to be shut down in both directions because of the thick, black smoke t took firefighters about two thundershowers put out the fire, which may have been arson. an arizona mother of seven who gained international attention after being jailed in
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mexico and accused of drug smuggling is now free. she is back on u.s. soil as well. officials say surveillance video ultimately proved that yanira maldonado was innocent. she was accused of trying to smuggle 12 pounds of marijuana across the border. the drugs were found underneath the seat she was riding on on a bus. however, newly reviewed security footage showed she wasn't carrying any drugs when she boarded the bus. maldonado was held in a mexican jail for nine days. today, she was thankful for her family. >> you guys did an amazing job out there for me, putting the word out that i was in there, that i was innocent and that was the key. >> she was born in mexico but she is a u.s. citizen. maldonado says she is happy to finally be home in the phoenix area but was warned that mexican officials may appeal the judge's ruling, which release herd. back here at home, project hired hosted a career fair for veterans today it got so big, it
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had to turn away employers. the fair was free and open to all veterans, took place in san jose. employers included the fbi, facebook, pg&e, safe way and as well as fargo n addition to the various booths where veterans could talk to employers there were also resume-writing workshops. san jose mayor chuck reed was the keynote speaker. ana 787 dreamliner service scheduled to return to san jose international airport this weekend. flight 1075 leaves san jose tomorrow afternoon at 1 going to be a crowded flight. we checked online, only a few seats left in economy. back in january, the faa grounded all boeing dreamliners due battery fires. boeing has since redesigned the batteries on board. if you want to see an asteroid, get ready. tonight is your night. astronomers at the shab bow space and science center in oakland are gearing up to view a massive asteroid that flew by earth this afternoon. the asteroid, known as 1998 qe 2 was at its closest point to
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earth around 2:00 this afternoon. this was a recent radar data of the ast ter roichld the space rock is 1.7 miles wide. it's not visible to the naked eye, but once it gets dark, scientists will study with long-range tell scone he is. nasa hopes to learn more about the rock's size, shape and you composition during this pass as well as its mall small moon. if you want to see it more than welcome to the public sin is righted to take a look through one of shab bow's telescopes any time after dusk tonight. it will be another 200 years to see this asteroid. if you want to see this one -- >> this is your time. >> your chance. it is really hot out here. actually, first, tell you about 49er, colin kaepernick. he pulled off a quarterback sneak at pittman high school's graduation ceremony last night. the school principal handed out diplomas, then showed involve kaepernick, who is a pittman alum. moments later, the quarterback showed up in person and surprised everyone. kaepernick gave a quick speech to the grads and thanked his former coach and one of his
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former teachers. as i said, a complete surprise to everyone. the principal planned the entire thing. >> you heard the kids just screaming. >> of course. what a treat. >> there's the star quarterback right there. bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. switch gears now. i know there's tornadoes touching down in the midwest. >> that's right. now getting information in from the national weather service, preliminary report of a tornado. not sure of the exact size of it. that has likely hit downtown oklahoma stained a thunderstorm cell so strong that we are also looking at a second tornado near mustang, oklahoma, that maybe on a track here toward valley brook, also moore, oklahoma, south of downtown a tornado warning in effect through 7:45. again, several reports of a very large tornado right near mustang, oklahoma. that, again, may be on its way toward moore at this point. so let's go ahead and get a look at this thunderstorm cell again, very strong in its overall size and path, right now you moving right toward oklahoma city and again, moore in the path of
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this, the next 45 minutes. that's when it will continue to be the most crucial. they have already put evacuations in place at oklahoma airport and also telling people, of course, to seek shelter from this weather that be continuing on their watch also looking at severe weather here in st. louis. we have got the game tonight at 5:15. we have got strong weather here just off toward the west. it is likely this whether will be to, no doubt, impacting the game with potentially rain delays, maybe even a postponement of the game. we have already seen the line of thunderstorms producing reports of tore need those afternoon and also this evening. so for the game overall, it's going to stay here, that chance of thunderstorms and also temperatures here in the 60s. right now, calling for 75% chance of potentially some rain delays in the forecast. let's go ahead and get bang here to our weather. it has been, of course, hot, high pressure building offshore. temperatures already surging into the 90s with winds right now out of the north. also slightly out of the east.
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10 to 15 miles per hour, increasing our fire danger and hoping those numbers soar in the upper 80s, low 90s, most notably, back towards the east bay, where the hotter weather is located. first look at the forecast, head throughout tomorrow. stay clear at the coastline, temperatures mid-50s. throughout 11:00, upper 70s, low to middle 80s coming on back. here is what we can expect. larger zone of fire concern will be with us, head throughout tomorrow in the north bay, also back here for the east bay hills and the south bay, those dry, hot winds look to stay in place. it's not going to be extremely gusty. all you need is a little bit of wind this time of year and that's good enough to elevate the fire danger. see 7 a.m. tomorrow, the most wind at the coast, 15 to 30 miles per hour. head throughout the evening, start to increase right up through the coastline but overall, winds should stay about 10 to 20 miles per hour at this point for saturday. eventually, cooling in the forecast. temperatures the morning hours, low to middle 50s to start, for tomorrow, daytime highs should
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top out close to 100, back in the east bay. 97 in livermore, 91, san jose, 92 also in san raffaele. so, on your three-day forecast, stays hot, saturday and sunday inland. temperatures warmest at the coastline for saturday. then cools off as we headzvinto sunday's forecast. and for monday, tuesday, wednesday, we have 80s returning back here across the bay area. so, i do want to reiterate again that tornado in oklahoma, we have reports of one hitting downtown oklahoma and possibly a second tornado that could be on track for moore, oklahoma, hit with that ef5. just the worst case scenario. >> can't get a break. thanks, jeff. ahead at 5:00, not what they expected to see in their living room. how this plane ended up inside an apartment building. plus, a notorious killer off the market? the surprising plans for joran van der sloot.
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scary moments after a small plane crashed into the living room of an apartment just outside of washington, d.c. here's the video. two people were aboard the plane when apparently, it ran out of gas just after midnight. it was on its way from philadelphia to a small regional airport in virginia. now, amazingly, just by looking at all of this, two people inside the apartment and a passenger on the plane only suffered minor injuries. notorious killer joran van der sloot is getting married. the 26-year-old dutchman currently serving 28 years in a peruvian prison for murdering stephany flores in a hotel room is marrying an young peruvian woman who frequently visits him in prison. van der sloot first gained notoriety in 2005 when he became the prime suspect in the disappearance ofy)vñ natalee holloway who vanished during a
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school trip in aruba. the wedding is expected to take place in the next couple of weeks. conjugal visits are allowed in peruvian prisons. thinking of house hunting, here is new way too do it a new way to find homes. stay with us. ♪
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your health and the health of your family depend on it. i guess you just look up at the house and it tells you a bunch of stuff. you there is a new app, not for your phone but your head an supposed to use it when you go house hunting. >> the latest for google glass. and scott budman is here with a
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first look. >> you are right. pretty much look at a house and it tells you a bunch of stuff. raj this one takens some of the coolest, and let's admit it geekiest technology you can find, and apply it is to the bay area pastime of trying to find the right house before everyone else does. trial ya, which helps people find houses and apartments, has developed an app for google glass. it takens the photos, the prices and all sorts of information about listings online and puts them right there in your field of vision. it will even give you a heads up, get it on your google glass that you're close to a house you might be interested in. >> so you know, i might be down at the local ice cream shop with my kids and i get an alert. it pops up, it shows me a house, says this shouse two blocks away. it's open house this sunday. why don't you check it out. so i go through. i look at the photos. >> quick question, by the way, raj and janelle, would you have ice cream with your kids while wearing google glass? if you are so inclined, the trial ya app with google glass will let you taken a audio tour of the house, press a bunt and
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call the agent to tell him or her that you want to talk more. trial ya gave us a first look at the app, not ready for dune loading yet but hope to have it ready soon. perhaps, janelle and raj, in time for the summer house shopping season. >> now, all right fancy gadget reduce the praise of the house? >> no it won't reduce the price of the house and you may want to take it off before you meet face to face with the agent. >> but you could get the heads up first and put a bid in first and get the offer. >> you there go >> an advantage. >> wrap things up here, check in with jeff now. a lot going on in oklahoma city and is a populated area. >> yeah. there is a tornado emergency right now in downtown oklahoma for a spotted large tornado already moving -- moved past the fairgrounds in oklahoma city and then a second tornado we are following which is out near mustang and union city. you can see the icon there, could put it on a track for moore, oklahoma, over the next 30 minutes. that was the area hard hit with the ef5 tornado. these are both very large and
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extremely dangerous tornadoes, worst case scenario. >> thank you, jeff. thanks for watching us at 5:00. more local news at 6:00. >> see you then. good evening. for what may seem like an unusual version of "nightly news" for all of you joining us in your time zone that's because we are covering a live event. the national weather service tonight used some unusual words a few hours ago. they warned us of a particularly dangerous situation and, sadly, it's come true. we have a big, bad situation in a big american city where they couldn't afford any more trouble. we have a tornado on the ground tonight in the oklahoma city metropolitan area and a second one backed up behind it that could very well come quite


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